New Opportunity for Residential Broadband Service Providers: High Throughput, Managed Wi-Fi Mesh with Value Added Services

January 9, 2024 at 7:30 AM EST

New residential Wi-Fi 6 home router and subscriber application from Cambium Networks reduce support costs of end-to-end broadband service delivery while enabling exceptional subscriber experiences

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of networking solutions, announced it is now shipping the RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router Solution comprised of a new Wi-Fi 6 router, cloud workflows designed to reduce complexity, brandable Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and subscriber application. The subscriber app provides the user-curated performance data and self-help tools. The RV22 router works as part of Cambium's ONE Network enabling exceptional subscriber Wi-Fi experiences while requiring fewer resources and IT personnel on the part of the service provider. Complete end-to-end connectivity, from the broadband infrastructure to Wi-Fi access, are easily managed from a central location using cnMaestro™ cloud management.

"Really loving these new devices. Check out my speed tests. Amazing speeds, the roaming has been working great!" said Talor Green, Senior Network Engineer at Primo. "Also, the RV22 has a clean router design with a simple solution to add your branding in a prominent position. This provides us a new opportunity to truly represent ourselves on a CPE that delivers the hassle-free experience our customers look for."

"The RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router has a unique and highly efficient antenna designed to provide better coverage and high throughputs at range," says Daran Hermans, Product Line Manager, Enterprise Wi-Fi at Cambium Networks. "When we talk about streaming media, connected IoT devices or mesh networks, it all starts with a great antenna, and that's what we put into the RV22. Homeowners can easily support multiple HD video streams AND web browsing AND security cameras on the same system."

The Wi-Fi 6 home mesh router works seamlessly with Cambium Networks' cnMaestro management system, last mile fiber infrastructure, point-to-point, and point to multipoint fixed wireless products, and features auto-frequency coordination, content filtering, device bedtimes, a guest network and useful tools to optimize the home Wi-Fi experience. Both the RV22 hardware and subscriber app can be branded to support and promote the service provider's business.

Cambium Networks' RV22 Wi-Fi 6 home mesh router solution delivers significant benefits including:

  • Impressive Wi-Fi coverage and speed designed to minimize equipment cost and installation complexity.
  • A single RV22 easily covers up to a 3,000 square foot home.
  • Reduction in the time to troubleshoot and repair issues while also reducing field dispatches.
  • The cnMaestro subscriber workflow streamlines setup and provisioning and allows the service provider to craft a personalized service.
  • The subscriber app has curated data and useful tools right on the dashboard. Self-help makes it easy.

The subscriber app is the key to delivering outstanding Wi-Fi experiences. This easy-to-use app enables the subscriber to tailor their experience by having the most used Wi-Fi tools at their fingertips:

  • Speed test
  • Family time
  • Web content filter
  • Optimize Wi-Fi
  • Guest Wi-Fi management

Offering speed to residential customers is only going to get service providers so far. The subscriber app is the foundation for offering a better experience. Giving the residential subscriber easy control of their Wi-Fi enables the broadband service provider to differentiate their offering. Exceptional digital experiences, value added services and a great network make it easy for a service provider to delight subscribers. Also, it paves the way to offer additional services as residential needs evolve. Find out more about the setup and operation of the subscriber app.

The cnMaestro management system makes it easy for service providers to efficiently manage network performance from a remote location, reducing time to repair. On one dashboard, the service provider can:

  • Provision access via the cloud
  • Review operation insights to optimize performance
  • Automate provisioning
  • Access cloud workflows and perform remote diagnostics

Cambium Networks Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi
The cnMaestro cloud management system coordinates the frequency selection between the RV22 Home Mesh Router and the roof-mounted fixed wireless subscriber module.

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Cambium Networks enables service providers, enterprises, industrial organizations, and governments to deliver exceptional digital experiences and device connectivity with compelling economics. Our ONE Network platform simplifies management of Cambium Networks' wired and wireless broadband and network edge technologies. Our customers can focus more resources on managing their business rather than the network. We deliver connectivity that just works.

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