Cambium Networks Expands Collaboration with Facebook Connectivity for Multiple Wireless Access Initiatives

February 27, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST
Facebook Connectivity's Terragraph solution enables Cambium Networks to provide last mile access to subscriber homes, enterprises and multi-dwelling buildings

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., Feb. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cambium Networks, (NASDAQ-NMS: CMBM) a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced that it is working with Facebook Connectivity on multiple initiatives including incorporating Terragraph mesh networking into its 60 GHz millimeter wave (V-Band) Gigabit wireless radios; enhancing Express Wi-Fi solutions with next-generation Wi-Fi mesh technology, combined with Self Organizing Mesh Access (SOMA); and working on joint Telecom Infra project (TIP) initiatives and Smart City infrastructure prototypes to standardize and optimize the deployment of wireless backhaul for fast and efficient Wi-Fi deployments.

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Cambium Networks' engagement with Facebook Connectivity means that Gigabit connectivity is now available to a large population of people who live and work in areas where fiber is not economically viable. This expansion of high-speed internet access means increased opportunities for more engaging and productive learning environments, highly effective telemedicine, and more broadly, the economic growth that has been associated with high performance connectivity over the past 20 years.

  • 6 0GHz millimeter wave Gigabit wireless access - Cambium Networks' 60 GHz millimeter wave platform incorporates Terragraph's mesh technology. The multi-mode 802.11ay standard system can be configured for Point-to-Point (PTP), Point-to-Multipoint (PMP), or efficient mesh modes and its industrial design reflects expected deployment in suburban and urban environments. The solution provides last mile access to subscriber homes, enterprises, and multi-dwelling buildings as well as transport for video surveillance and public Wi-Fi networks. The solution can also provide low latency Gigabit backhaul for 4G or 5G network traffic.
  • Faster Wi-Fi rollout - Cambium Networks and Facebook Connectivity's research and development teams are collaborating to make it easier for service providers to deploy reliable Wi-Fi backhauled by SOMA powered Wi-Fi access points (AP). In the event of an AP failure, SOMA Wi-Fi mesh technology uses its self-healing functionality to automatically reconfigure the mesh to work around the situation and reconfigures the mesh to operate via the remaining meshed APs or gateway APs.
  • Optimizing Wireless backhaul - Wireless backhaul over unlicensed frequencies is rapidly gaining popularity for home and outdoor Wi-Fi service. Without the time and cost associated with deploying fiber, wireless backhaul provides an efficient and economical connection to Wi-Fi APs. Cambium Networks is working with Facebook Connectivity and other industry leaders to coordinate the use of unlicensed wireless spectrum between wireless backhaul and Wi-Fi radios, enabling the efficient use of unlicensed spectrum, and increasing throughput.
  • Smart Cities - Cambium Networks is working with Facebook Connectivity and other members of TIP to tackle the challenges of rolling out communication and other infrastructure that form the backbone for smart city deployments.

"Facebook is committed to working with industry partners around the world to help bring more people online to a faster internet," said Dan Rabinovitsj, Vice President for Facebook Connectivity. "Cambium is a critical partner with its contributions to Express Wi-Fi, SOMA technology, the Terragraph meshing solution, and the TIP program. Together, Cambium Networks and Facebook are further democratizing the power of the internet."

According to Gartner's "Market Guide for 5G New Radio Infrastructure" report published December 16, 2019 and authored by Peter LiuSylvain Fabre, et al., "By 2021, investments in 5G NR network infrastructure will account for 19% of the total wireless infrastructure revenue of communications service providers (CSPs), elevated from 6% in 2019."

"Active collaboration with industry leaders enables us to bring wireless technologies into the conversation that solve contemporary problems. Cambium Networks' portfolio of Gigabit wireless solutions provides connectivity from the cloud to the client," said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Cambium Networks. "Our experience with different technologies, use cases, and frequencies gives us an edge in rapidly developing solutions with an industry-leading total cost of ownership. Our new multi-mode 60 GHz Terragraph enabled wireless mesh solution provides Gigabit speeds at a fraction of the cost and time of deploying fiber. These systems may also be provisioned and managed from a single cnMaestro™ cloud-based console that provides a bird's eye view across multiple wireless technologies in the network, enabling operators to maximize throughput and user satisfaction. Our wireless solutions deliver amazing outcomes that solve mission critical connectivity challenges."

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